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Teaching staff

Erik Marchand with Kreiz Breizh Akademi # 4

Educational leadership: Erik Marchand

Erik Marchand, a singer and a clarinettist, is one of the recognized artisans of contemporary Breton music. Always looking for research and experimentation, he has been involved in the promotion of traditional world musics for 30 years in a musical, production, advice, and training capacity.

Erik Marchand is the educational director of KBA and takes on a number of courses and rehearsals, among other things. He coordinates the composition work of the repertoire made during the training program: musical themes composed while respecting the modal system, and which come from Western Brittany musical types, specifically created for the KBA orchestra. These pieces are inserted into traditional pieces and enable the creation of a modal improvisation system particular to Breton music.

Ibrahim Maalouf during a Kreiz Breizh Akademi # 3 session

The occasional speakers:

Other speakers are also involved. Their skills include the perfect command of popular music culture in Brittany and in other regions of the world where modal understanding is widely practiced. The list of occasional speakers since 2004 is as follows:

- Titi Robin (France, India,…),
- François Corneloup (France)
- Keyvan Chemirani (Iran, France),
- Hasan Yarimdünia (Turkey)
- Tamer Girnataci (Turkey),
- Ross Daly (Crete),
- Danyel Waro, Laurent Dalleau (La Réunion Island),
- Aklilu Zewdie Woldearegawi (Ethiopia),
- Kalinka Vulcheva (Bulgaria),
- Svetlana Spajic (Serbia),
- Yair Dalal (Israel, Iraq),
- Spyros Halaris (Greece),
- Karim Ziad (Algeria, France),
- Vajantri Basappa Thimmappa, Allam Prabhu Kadakol, Francis Pennarun, Séréna Laborde, Olivier Leroy (India, Bretagne),
- Marc Feldman (US, France)
- Amine Beyhom (Lebanon),
- Elia Khoury, Bhasil Khoury, Osama Khoury (Jordan),
- Fawaz Baker (Syria),
- Iyad Haimour (Syria),
- Ibrahim Maalouf (Lebanon, France),
- Bojan Zulfikarpasic (Serbia, France),
- Nando et Battista Acquaviva (Corse, France),
- Rodolphe Burger (France)
- Mehdi Haddab (France, Algérie)
- Etienne Callac (France),
- Hélène Labarrière (France)
- Philippe Lecorf (France)
- Samir Kurtov (Bulgarie)
et aussi:
- Yann Le Meur, Michel Toutous, Bruno Spinosi, Chrystèle Lebasnier-Spinosi, Jacky Molard, Yann-Fãnch Kemener, Krismenn, Olivier Leroy, Philippe Ollivier, Laurent Bigot, Laurent Clouet (Bretagne)

Kreiz Breizh Akademi # 4 with Krismenn and Erik Marchand

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Remerciement photos : Eric Legret