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KBA#8 Ba’n Dañs on tour

The Kreiz Breizh Akademi 8th collective, conducted by Erik Marchand, is on tour in 2022

KBA#8 » Ba’n Dañs on tour
Toud ‘n dud ba’n dañs | everyone in the dance

SUNDAY MARCH 20 / Studio de l’Ermitage - Paris 75
THURSDAY APRIL 14 / Ball floor - Rennes 35
SATURDAY JULY 9 / Castle of the Dukes of Brittany - Nantes 44
FRIDAY JULY 15 / Holiday Season - Douarnenez 29
SATURDAY JULY 16 / Les Vieilles Charrues - Carhaix 29
WEDNESDAY JULY 20 / Cornouaille Festival - Quimper 29
FRIDAY AUGUST 5 Comboros Festival - Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne 63
WEDNESDAY AUGUST 10 / Interceltic Festival - Lorient 56
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19 / Yaouank - Rennes 35
SATURDAY 10 DECEMBER / NoBorder Festival - Brest 29

A production: La Grande Boutique, Drom, Naïade Productions
In coproduction with the Run Ar Puns in Châteaulin, Amzer Nevez in Ploemeur, the Yaouank festival (35), the Cornouaille festival (29)


The title of this 8th creation by a collective of 9 instrumentalists and 2 singers is a reference to the traditional call of singers from Central Brittany “toud ‘n dud ba’n dañs”, everyone in the dance. There is a bit of anachronism in this inappropriate injunction today, but we will get out of these fly traps one day or another.

"We have chosen, for the first time, a repertoire of dance music only, coming from the Center of Brittany, from the south of the Gallo country and, thanks to the presence of 3 musicians from Occitania, we have built a suite of bourrées from Massif Central, respecting as for the Breton themes the modal and rhythmic interpretation of the modern musical intelligence of the ancients" KBA#8

Throughout this year of work, artists* from modal cultures made us experiment and understand their systems of arrangements and improvisation.
With a lot of personality, the collective has gathered and reconstructed all these proposals within an original repertoire.
Listen to the dance if you can’t practice it, no doubt the rhythm will carry you away.

* Florian Baron, Prabhu Edouard, Serdar Pazarcioglu, Rusan Filiztek, Mehdi Haddab, Laurent Clouet, Keyvan Chemirani, Philippe Janvier, Olivier Catteau, Clémence Cognet.

Lin-up :
Yolaine Delamaire: vocals
Camille Laine: vocals
Mériadeg Lorho-Pasco: clarinet
William Nicolas: bombarde and saxophones
Bastien Guével: biniou and clarinet
Yuna Leon: violin
Melanie Brelaud: violin
Charlotte Espieussas: microtonal accordion
Rémi Allain: double bass
Thomas Bessé: drums
Nathan Arnaud: riq, darbouka and kanjira († 7 novembre 2021)

Artistic direction Erik Marchand, sponsored by Olivier Catteau and Florian Baron.

Association Drom

24 rue de Gasté
29200 Brest
09 65 16 71 21
contact drom-kba.eu

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Remerciement photos : Eric Legret