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In a digital world, what (r)evolutions in mediation, transmission and creation practices for oral tradition music?

Drom has devoted three years of research to the design of an educational portal for modal music, a digital medium for knowledge and learning of this oral tradition music. Several other projects for websites or online services centered on traditional music have also been carried out by other players, or are in the process of being finalised.

The 5th symposium of the Drom modality cluster will bring together researchers, musicians and music transmitters, but also specialists in new technologies and educational sciences, to explore the implications and perspectives of these initiatives and achievements, and more overall the relationship between oral and digital music.

The first day, in plenary, will alternate scientific communications and professional round tables and will successively address the themes of transmission, creation, mediation and research in ethnomusicology. Issues specific to each of these fields will thus be addressed.
However, the whole day will make it possible to question in a transversal way what is experienced more and more through the filter of information and communication technologies, in the universe of music qualified as traditional, from the world , local, modal, popular, vernacular, community,... What specificities of this music compared to digital? How to think about the apparent contradiction between promises of valorization and dangers of standardization? What place for digital music archives? ...

An additional morning will allow participants to participate in workshops related to what will have been discussed during the day in plenary.

THURSDAY 12 DECEMBER 2019 Plenary day
09:30 Welcome
10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Introduction, opening speech

10:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.
What changes in dimension has digital brought about in the practices of musical creation from cultures with an oral tradition?

Artist testimonials:
►Erik Marchand, singer and artistic director, Drom.
►Camel Zekri, composer, improviser, guitarist and musicologist.
►Pauline Willerval, cellist, gadulka player, singer.
Moderation: Sarah Karlikow artistic advisor, performing arts in Brittany.

11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. Round table
What place for digital technology in cultural mediation and remediation in favor of musical diversity?

With :
► Gwenaël Carvou (Brittany Culture Diversity)
► Anne Florence Borneuf (Philharmonie of Paris)
► Jérôme Floury (CanalBREIZH).
Animation of the round table: Guillaume Veillet (journalist and researcher)

2:00 p.m. - 3:20 p.m. Conferences:
How are oral tradition music transmitted in the digital age?

► Janice Waldron, teacher-researcher at the University of Windsor (Canada) "Musical learning via the internet and local anchoring, the example of the online academy of Irish music"

► Gérald Guillot, teacher-researcher in ethnomusicology and didactics of music. “Influence of digital technology in the training of ‘transmitters’ of musical traditions”

3:20-4:00 p.m. Presentation of the educational portal for modal music.

Speech by Erik Marchand and Ingrid Le Gargasson, anthropologist, responsible for programming and dissemination at the Maison des Cultures du Monde - CFPCI and members of the steering committee of the modal music educational portal project

4:10-5:00 p.m. Oral and digital tradition music: get out, stay there, or immerse yourself in it?
In addition to the thematic approach that will have preceded, this time will question in a transversal way the perspectives of the actors of the music of oral tradition in relation to the digital.

Round table bringing together the speakers of the day.
Moderation: Guillaume Veillet (journalist and researcher)

10am-1pm: collaborative workshops
Workshop #1 - transmission: People working in the teaching of traditional music, or involved in this teaching.
Speakers: Hoëla Barbedette, Janice Waldron, Kari Veblen.
In partnership with the Upper Bridge

Workshop #2 - mediation: People active in the promotion of traditional music archives. Speakers: Hoëla Barbedette, Gaëtan Crespel, Alban Cogrel.
In partnership with Dastum and FAMDT

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