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Symposium : The transmission and teaching of oral tradition music

In video, musical excerpts of some of the speakers

THE TRANSMISSION AND TEACHING OF ORAL TRADITION MUSIC Transmitting, teaching, learning, reproducing, imitating, stealing: what choices and why?

This event will take place on the 10th and 11th of December 2015 at the Quartz, National Scene of Brest, as part of the Noborder#5 festival.

This meeting will feature speeches by researchers, musicians and pedagogues around the following round tables :

First day : Transmit, what? How? Whose ? Why ?

- Feedback from experiences : What questions, what answers, what certainties, What wanderings?
- Screening of the film "Growing into music" by Lucy Durán, in partnership with the FAMDT
- To wonder about the forms of transmission

Teaser of Lucy Durán’s work in Mali

Second day : How to help energize, to develop the transmission of music of oral tradition? How is a researcher also a musician and teacher of an atypical practice in France?

- What policies for the transmission of oral tradition music? in partnership with Bretagne Culture Diversité
- Lecture by Johanni Curtet. Search, play and transmit. Back on an atypical diphonic course. In partnership with the University of Western Brittany, UFR Lettres, Languages ​​and Human Sciences and the LABERS.

Association Drom

Au Quartz – 60, rue du château - BP 91039
29210 Brest - cedex 1

09 65 16 71 21

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Remerciement photos : Eric Legret