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Symposium 2017

Pentatonic Music, from reality to myth

Drom organizes the 2017 NoBorder#7 Symposium on the theme of Pentatonism, its original and universal fantasy, its relation to modality, Celtic music and Breton music.

In parallel with the symposium, Drom organizes with its partners an internship on world music "From the village to the planet" for media practitioners, journalists and radio hosts, live performance professionals.

Thursday 7th December

09h30 : Welcome | Greeting
10h00 : Symposium opening speech

10h30-12h30 : The relationship between Pentatonism and modality
Moderation by François Picard, professor of analytical ethnomusicology at Paris Sorbonne University and researcher at the IREMUS Institute for Research in Musicology.

  • Modality and pentatonism: two musical universes not to be confused: François Picard
  • Analyze and understand the pentatonic modes of Epire: Laurent Clouet, musician / witness: Hélène Delaporte, doctoral student in ethnomusicology

13h30-15h00 : Screening of the movie Chant of a lost country
Bernard Lortat-Jacob & Hélène Delaporte, 2007, 1h04. On the Tcham community, followed by exchanges with Hélène Delaporte.

15h-17h30 : Pentatonisms of Africa and other great musical currents
Moderation by Soro Solo, radio host at France Inter, "L’Afrique en solo"

  • Introduction by Soro Solo
  • Pentatonic crossroads (North Africa, Sahel and Middle East): Fawaz Baker and Mehdi Haddab, musicians
  • Pentatonism in African-American music: the example of blues at Archie Shepp, by Emmanuel Parent, Lecturer in music and musicology at Rennes 2.
  • The pentatonic modes of secular music of the Amhara of Ethiopia. Analysis of a musicological doxa: Stéphanie Weisser, Lecturer in ethnomusicology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles / witness: Etenesh Wassié, singer programmed for the NoBorder Festival#7.

17:30 : Aperitif in partnership with BWS

Friday, December 8

10h30-12h30 : Pentatonism: an identity marker?
The color given by the use of pentatonic scales can direct the listener’s ear to a space, a real and / or mythical culture.
Moderation by Erik Marchand, singer and artistic director of Drom.

  • Hungary and Pentanonism: old and new style : Zsofia Pesovar, ethnomusicologist
  • Pentatonism as an indispensable musical system in Afro-Cuban rituals : Ana Koprivica, ethnomusicologist and doctor in history of music and musicology
  • Pentatonism and Pentaphonism in Brittany : René Abjean, University Professor, composer, conductor and conductor / witness : Anna Wendy-Stevenson, singer and musician proposed by the Conservatoire de Brest.

12h30-13h : Presentation of the pedagogical portal of modal music of Drom

14h30-15h30 : Conference "Blues and Pentatonism" by Pauline Cornic, doctoral student in musicology.

15h30-17h30 : Screening of the movie "Blues between Teeth"
Robert Manthoulis, 1973, 1:28.
in the presence of Pauline Cornic, and exchanges

In partnership with the University of Western Brittany, UFR Humanities and Letters, Laboratory HCTI, Master Project Management or cultural institutions, management of performing arts

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