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Symposium 2014 in collaboration with Le Quartz

Improvisation in traditional music: NoBorder#4 festival symposium summarized !

Round table 1:

Improvisation in modal music: which spaces of freedom ?
In learned modal music, improvisation often appears as the ultimate stage confirming for the pupil the perfect knowledge of the system. However, many popular cultures and artists bypass these rules often very prescriptive: free improvisation in popular music of Western Europe, intuitive use of systems related to makam in Eastern Europe, adaptation of free forms related to certain practices traditional instrumental in current popular music ...

With Érik Marchand, Shadi Fathi, Laurent Clouet and Bojan Zulfikarpasic.

The position of the traditional musician in free improvisation :
Camel Zekri is a "traditional" musician in the Diwan of Biskra, but he has also joined several improvised music groups that practice free improvisation. He creates encounters between musicians of these two musical practices as Director of the Water Festival.
Erwan Keravec testifies to his way of living his practice of free improvisation while his instrument, the bagpipe, connects it from the beginning to the repertoire of traditional music.

With Anne Montaron, Erwan Keravec, Camel Zekri and Bachir Temtaoui of Diwan of Biskra.

Improvisation and politics: Is improvisation subversive ?
Acoustic spaces, precise cultural spaces, improvisation is a social bond of unparalleled strength where anything is possible. This may be where his subversion is.

With Philippe Arrii-Blachette, François Rossé, Hélène Labarrière, and Romain Baudoin

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