Kreiz Breizh Akademi

KBA: a 36-month training programme

Kreiz Breiz Akademi offers two training cycles: Twelve months of theoretical and practical training followed by a 24-month vocational training period with concerts and the recording of an album.

Kreiz Breiz Akademi offers two training cycles: 12 months of theoretical and practical training followed by a 24-month vocational training period with concerts and album recordings.


the training cycle is based on 35 days spread over a year. September 2011 was when the fourth group of students started their 12-month training period.
Building knowledge: 4 days. Content: a three-day “modal understanding” course that covers the bases of modal understanding and provides theoretical input. It is tailored to each participant’s personal experience, and is also an opportunity to share these experiences. This three-day course is followed by a one-day “administration” course, during which time, the participants learn the theoretical basis of the laws and rules of performing arts, music-based professions, and their status.

Skills development: 25 days. Three teaching sessions (3 x 3 days) in Central Brittany: These sessions are dedicated to learning techniques and to the creation of an original repertoire associated with the KBA group of students as well as the musical arrangement linked to this project. Twelve rehearsals (12 x 1 day) in Central Brittany. Two directed rehearsals (4 x 2 days) in Central Brittany. External participation of a “master” providing artistic advice / assisted rehearsal.

Knowledge transmission

Two days: Four master classes (4 courses of 4 hours / 2 days) in Brittany: Artists, who are experts in their field and qualified as “masters”, contribute to this apprenticeship by passing on their expertise and culture.

Study trip: Twelve individual study trips (1 to 4 weeks) during which each participant of the collective follows the musical and technical teaching of a “master” anywhere in the world.

Experimentation: four days. Before the first public performance, three days are dedicated to residencies in order for the participants to rehearse in the same conditions as they will perform, so as to get used to the technical environment (such as the sound system), and to adapt and finalise repertoires and arrangements. The concert takes place on the fourth day in front of potential programmers and partners.


Training follow-up: 24-month professional practice support

Kreiz Breizh Akademi participants agree to respect the contract they may sign as musicians once they have successfully completed their training year. This contract could last up to 24 months.

A partnership with recording producers and distributors has been set up to canvass concerts and cultural events organizers. This partnership is meant to continue the training work already completed by an entry in the arts sector under the guidance of experienced professionals in that field. Therefore, the musicians (former students) are considered employees and paid accordingly. The planned actions are spread over a period of 18 months:

Recording and producing. Rehearsal / improving the artistic proposal for upcoming concerts. Performances (over a period of two years).

A partnership has been set up for this reason with Innacor Bookings and Records (website).

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Remerciement photos : Eric Legret