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The DROM Association project

DROM: Promoting folk cultures based on oral tradition and modal music.

Cultural project

Drom means the road, taking artists on their travels and on tour, and lovers of musical encounters through the world of folk cultures.
The DROM association was created by Erik Marchand and Gaby Kerdoncuff in June 2001 to establish a meeting point between Western European musical scenes and productions and folk musicians from other parts of the world.
It was designed to promote and transmit folk cultures based on oral tradition and modal music.
Today, the association has two main objectives: providing training and support for artists.


Training young musicians, from Brittany to the rest of the world
The training offered at DROM has three main aims: learning musical techniques based on modal understanding; developing skills in musical composition, arrangement, and orchestra playing; and teaching stage techniques.
These objectives are attained through a range of complementary partnerships with Kreiz Breizh Akademi and training organizations such as CEFEDEM (training centre for dance and music teachers).


Supporting artists is another DROM priority
DROM’s support projects follow two main objectives: supporting musicians in their professional projects, and offering specific information on modal understanding for musicians, students or academics.
These objectives are fulfilled through a range of complementary actions: supporting creativity, helping musicians to become professionals in their field and developing a resource centre on modality.

Erik Marchand

Erik Marchand was one of the founders of our association. He is our reference for everything that relates to the project’s general direction and its cohesion.

Team and contacts

DROM is the joint work of Erik Marchand and a team of project coordinators.

Association Drom

24 rue de Gasté
29200 Brest
09 65 16 71 21
contact drom-kba.eu

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